Custom Home Designs


Our Sydney Custom Home Design Service

Ferntree Homes offers you the choice of custom designing your new home. If you can’t find the perfect home for you or your family or just want your home to be different from all the rest, Ferntree Homes can help! We can custom design a home using your ideas together with us to create a unique custom home to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Many people believe that a custom home is way out of their budget range. The truth is a Ferntree Homes custom home design in the Sutherland Shire can be priced better than the standard built homes with a one size fits all approach. Whether it’s your new home or a renovation to your existing property, every Ferntree Homes custom design home is the result of our unique system, which combines innovation and quality design with affordable construction services. Ferntree Homes has a team of in-house designers and specialist builders to take your individual ideas and vision and make them a reality. From fine finishes to luxury living, we will take care of the entire process so you can relax and enjoy your new home. With precise attention to detail, rest assured that you will end up with a new home dreams are made of.

Why we believe you should choose a Custom Home Design

1. Custom Home Designs are built exclusively for you

There’s no substitute for designing and building a custom home using your style, guidelines and decisions. With a Ferntree Homes custom home design you’re not limited to just decorating rooms, your home will have your vision and be a place for you to express yourself in ways you never expected. It starts with your vision combined with our Sydney custom home builders, who will professionally develop your ideas into reality. This project may have taken you years to begin, so why should you compromise when the ultimate goal is to create a custom home designed and built around you?

2. Sydney Custom Home Designs are made for your lifestyle

We all live differently from one another, so personalising your custom home design to your exact requirements is paramount. You may prefer to be outdoors most of the time, or prefer to entertain indoors, whatever your preference, the Sutherland Shire custom home builder’s ultimate goal is to satisfy you. You can choose to design a 100% custom home design or adapt from our inspirational home designs that our Sydney custom home builders have created. Our Sydney custom home builders will then build to high standards Ferntree Homes is known for.

3. Our Sutherland Shire Custom Home Designs provided superior living & energy efficiency

Our Sydney custom home builders are trained in the highest standards of energy-efficient home design and have your family’s comfort as a top priority. Our custom home designs are designed for lower energy bills and increased comfort regardless of design style or budget.

4. Enjoy the exciting process of a Sutherland Shire Custom Home Design

We aren’t just building any home, we’re building your home. Ferntree Homes has developed a collaborative system, with our Sydney custom home designers, and our highly trained Sydney custom home builders, which combines multiple client-side services to offer Sydney’s best value custom home solutions in the industry.

Why choose Ferntree Homes for your Custom Home Design?

Ferntree Homes has been completing all kinds of custom home designs for over 25 years – we’ve seen it all. So if you’re looking for reliable, experienced, efficient, friendly and quality custom home builders in the Sutherland Shire or Sydney, simply call Ferntree Homes now!