Ferntree Homes Process

Ferntree Homes works by a process decades in the making, ensuring your home project in Sydney exceeds your expectations.


Your Custom Build Specialist

Ferntree Homes can deliver quotes from your plans and build the perfect home to suit your unique lifestyle and budget.

Building a customised new home is an enormous journey to embark on, and you simply deserve the best. To match the magnitude and importance of these projects, you also deserve a builder that can translate your unique taste into a brilliantly executed design. Ferntree Homes is a builder of high-quality workmanship and innovative design, with a promise to deliver you a property that exudes individuality.

Build Your Future

The Ferntree Homes Process


Select your project type

Firstly, we take a brief from you on your new home requirements and intimately understand what you want to achieve.

Whether it’s a knockdown rebuild, an architecturally designed home or a custom design – Ferntree Homes will assist you in getting started. Once we understand the project type we then move into quoting and scoping. Our proven design and project management processes are delivered as a comprehensive solutions package. We ensure you approve from start to completion.



The construction stage is the longest stage of the whole process, and it is exciting to see your new home progress through the building stages.

We approach the design and development of your new home using key resources and previous business experience to deliver project success for you. We rely on our 25 years of experience to manage things like adverse weather and things out of our control to mitigate any time delays during the project. The Ferntree Homes project managers are career professionals and during construction will be in contact.



Once we’ve reached certain stages of construction and the build, we invite you to walk through your new home

There are various approval process stages and standards Ferntree Homes will pass through internally prior to the walkthrough invitation. Here, you will be introduced to your new home and all the features and design elements made earlier on. Exciting and inspiring, all at the same time as you are almost at the stage of living in your new home!

Consultations, briefings and quotes

Talk to us about your new home ideas and projects.
The Ferntree Homes team area here to make your new home dreams a reality.