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Ferntree Homes is your Sutherland Shire home builder who will quote from your plans and build the perfect home to suit your lifestyle and budget.

When it comes to building a customised new home, you deserve the best. You also deserve a Sutherland Shire home builder that can translate your brilliant taste into a design of excellence. Ferntree Homes is a Sutherland Shire home builder of high-quality workmanship and innovative design and will deliver you an individual, exclusive property. Services we offer for our client’s custom designs, knockdown rebuilds, and architectural designs.

Custom Home Designs

When you build with the Sutherland Shire home builder at Ferntree Homes, trust that you’re investing in a long history of brilliant custom home design service, design and construction. As a proud Australian privately owned business, Ferntree Homes is your Sutherland Shire home builder and the perfect partner to bring your new Custom Home design to reality.

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Knock Down Rebuilds

Are you wanting to knock down an existing property and rebuild your dream home? The Sutherland Shire home builder at Ferntree Homes are knock down rebuild specialists. Our project management and new build processes will give you peace of mind – as well as a fantastic result in a brand new home.

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Architectural Designs

Explore the architectural design options from Ferntree Homes. Our expert project managers understand how new architecturally designed modern homes require a particular approach. Luxury home with a first-class architectural design is achievable with the Sutherland Shire home builder that is Ferntree Homes.

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Why Choose The Sutherland Shire Home Builders At Ferntree Homes

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25 Years Experience

In our 25 years, the Sutherland Shire home builder has built hundreds of homes with passion, and while our approach to building has changed over time, it’s our dedication to great service and quality Australian homes that have remained.

Australian Standards

Every Ferntree Home passes unique and thorough quality inspections in the final construction phases. Your Sutherland Shire home builder knows that your needs to be sure your home is being built to Australian building standards is crucial.

Custom Designs

All Ferntree Homes customers are uniquely different, thus our custom design offer includes a variety of considerations to ensure your new custom-designed home is tailored to your needs – because that’s exactly what your Sutherland Shire home builder should provide.

What The Sutherland Shire Home Builders Build

Custom Designs

Ferntree Homes offers you the choice of custom designing your new home.

If you’ve had trouble finding the perfect home for you or your family, or just simply want your home to be different from all the rest, the Sutherland Shire home builder Ferntree Homes can help! We can design a home using your ideas with our expert building processes to create a unique custom home to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

The Sutherland Shire home builder, Ferntree Homes, has a team of in-house designers and specialist builders to take your individual ideas and vision and make them a reality. From fine finishes to luxury living, we’ll take care of the entire process so you can relax and enjoy your new home. With incredible attention to detail, rest assured that you will end up with a home you’ve been dreaming of because that’s what the Sutherland Shire home builder does.

Knock Down Rebuilds

Starting from scratch? You’re in the right place.

The Sutherland Shire home builder that is Ferntree Homes specialises in knockdown rebuilds. You may love where you’re currently residing, but feel your house is a little run down and needs a complete revamp. Then we can help you with our special knockdown rebuild service, taking care of the entire process so you have total peace of mind.

The Ferntree Homes goal is to provide you with a one of a kind home, reflected in our motto “your custom design specialist” – which is crucial for a knockdown rebuild project. As a custom Sutherland Shire home builder, we provide you with the choice to create a unique design suited to your style, budget, and block of land.

Architectural Designs

Ferntree Homes are experienced in working from architectural designs to building your new home.

When looking to design and build a high-end luxury home, there’s no need to look further than the Sutherland Shire home builder, Ferntree Homes. Working with the most brilliant clients, our team pride itself on delivering an exceptional experience.

From ultra-chic contemporary designs to the grandeur of French provincial residences, your Sydney home builder delivers unmatched quality and finishes through meticulous attention to detail.

We can lead your project through all phases from design to completion; we welcome your enquiry and the opportunity to discuss your dreams.

Single Storey Homes

All about family and uniting with the people you love most, our single-storey designs offer seamless interactions between indoors and out. Featuring appropriately sized bedrooms, large master suites and welcoming living spaces, the Sydney home builder Ferntree Homes range of single-level houses has a dream home for every family.

Our single-storey homes bring together flow, liveability, form and function with all the features you’d expect from your Sutherland Shire home builder project – design excellence, style, and quality workmanship.

Duplex Homes

If you’re searching for an inspired modern home that doubles your living options, look no further than our unsurpassed range of modern duplex homes. Find a truly versatile home that lets you choose the way you want to live not only now, but in the future. Filled with inspiring design features and an intelligent use of space, they’re perfect for small and growing families, multi-generational living, first home buyers, downsizers and investors.

The Sutherland Shire home builder at Ferntree Homes is with you every step of the way on your Duplex journey.

Granny Flats

Whether you’re looking to build the family home of your dreams, or just want to add value to your current property by building a granny flat addition, the Sutherland Shire home builder at Ferntree Homes is certain to inspire you with timeless, iconic and affordable designs.

Ferntree Homes comprises a team of expert designers and specialist builders with over 25 years of experience in building superior family homes and Granny Flats. Our high level of service and workmanship has earned us a reputation throughout Sutherland Shire as being one of the foremost trusted granny flat building company’s.

Two Storey Homes

A Two Storey House is the perfect option for modern families, offering an opportunity to create a comfortable home without sacrificing any of that special outdoor space. Our range of carefully considered double storey home designs provide flexible family living, with light-filled areas that makes everyday living easy.

We’ve architecturally-designed our two-storey designs around contemporary family life – airy, open spaces, indoor-outdoor living, and plenty of private, quiet areas for retreat. In addition to a striking street presence, the Sutherland Shire home builder two storey homes offer a practical, cost-effective and creative solution for smaller blocks, and tick all the boxes for modern families.

The Sutherland Shire Home Builder’s Service Area

Ferntree Homes are the Sutherland Shire home builder servicing Sydney-wide, with most of our projects taking place in the Sutherland Shire area.

Ferntree Homes Process

The Ferntree Homes Process is a 3-step process, which includes selecting your project type, construction and then ending with a walkthrough.


Firstly, we take a brief from you on your new home requirements and carefully understand what you want to achieve.

Whether it’s a knockdown rebuild, an architecturally designed home or a custom design – the Sutherland Shire home builder that is Ferntree Homes will help you get started. Once we strongly understand the project type we then progress into quoting and scoping. Our proven design and project management processes are delivered as a comprehensive solutions package. The Sutherland Shire home builder ensures you approve from start to completion.


The construction stage is the longest stage of the whole process, however, it’s also the most exciting as you see your new home move through the building stages.

Your Sutherland Shire home builder approaches the design and development of your new home using key resources and previous business experience to deliver project success for you. We rely on our 25 years of experience to manage things like unpredictable weather and things out of our control to manage any time delays during the project. The Sutherland Shire home builder Ferntree Homes project managers are career professionals and during construction will be in contact.


Once we’ve reached certain stages of construction and the build, we invite you to walk through your new home.

There are various approval process stages and standards the Sutherland Shire home builder at Ferntree Homes will internally pass through prior to the walkthrough. Here, you will meet your new home and all the features and design elements made earlier on. Exciting and inspiring, all at the same time as you are almost at the stage of living in your new home!

Why you should consider a knock-down rebuild instead of renovating

Are you considering a home renovation? Have you thought about a Knock-Down Rebuild? By completely knocking down your current home and building a brand-new one with the Sutherland Shire home builder at Ferntree Homes, you may be pleasantly surprised with just how beneficial it can be. Plus, you will not have to live amongst all that dust!

Knock-Down Rebuild involves demolishing your existing home and building a brand new modern home to replace it. You can get the brand new home you want, built exactly the way you want it, selecting the design and all the modern inclusions and features you desire. And the money you save in selling and buying costs can be invested into your new home adding even more value into your property.

Some benefits of knock-down rebuild projects include the ability to stay where you are, customise your home, the simplified building process, and less ongoing repairs. By using the Sutherland Shire home builder to replace your existing home with a new and improved one you can potentially heighten the value of your land immediately, providing you with more financial opportunities.

Renovation can also cost more per square metre versus a knock-down rebuild. It also usually incurs much more trouble for you and your family who will need to plan their lives around an often disruptive work schedule. Your current house may have older plumbing, bad insulation, or old electrical wiring. By choosing to knock down your current home, you can take advantage of energy-efficient technology such as better insulated windows, walls, and new energy-efficient appliances.

Among the many benefits of choosing a Sutherland Shire home builder is the convenience – they take care of the paperwork, council fees, certifier inspections, hiring and organising tradespeople. They take care of all the tedious elements for you so that all you have to focus on is looking forward to moving into your new beautiful home.

A knock-down rebuild with the Sutherland Shire home builder, Ferntree Homes, is more than just a fresh start to your home, there are endless possibilities with it that are not available when you renovate. Not only can it be cheaper than doing a structural renovation, but it also allows you to reduce your future costs.

Factors to consider when building a duplex

Whether you’re searching for a multi-family home or investing in the advantageous world of real estate, a duplex is probably the smartest choice. However, building a duplex can also be a very overwhelming task. Duplex development is a prime way to create equity and generate cash flow – but only if you’re smart about it and know what you’re doing. There are many things you must consider when building a duplex, which means it can get confusing.

The Sutherland Shire home builder, Ferntree Homes, has put together a list of five tips to help you succeed with your next duplex project.

1. Get help from professionals ASAP

Even if you’ve had previous experience in property investment, duplex development is very different. Involving professionals early on will help you save time and avoid simple mistakes, something we can help with! By getting in touch with Ferntree Homes, the Sutherland Shire home builder, you’re setting yourself up for a smoother and more enjoyable process. It’s also helpful to consider getting in touch with these professionals to make sure your build goes smoothly:

  • Town planner
  • Professional architect
  • Professional builder
  • Financial expert
  • Lawyer/solicitor

2. Do your research

Before you buy a block of land for your duplex project, make sure you’ve done all necessary and extensive research on it. Talk to experts to ensure that council zoning will allow you to build there. Remember that only certain areas support duplexes, so choose wisely.

Your block of land needs to meet zoning criteria but it also should be in an area that will make your investment worthwhile. Areas of strong growth and high rental yields will give you the best return on your purchase.

3. Budget responsibly

There are plenty of fees associated with building a duplex, especially for those who are inexperienced. From council fees to holding costs, if you don’t budget from the start, you might find yourself in a precarious situation. Duplexes are great because they create equity quickly, but only if you don’t overspend while building.

Although duplexes are two different units, they may have to be sold as one, so consider what you’ll be using the duplex for. Will you be:

  • Renting both units
  • Selling both units
  • Selling one unit, renting the other
  • Sell/renting one unit, retaining the other

It’s always a great idea to talk to a financial expert who can help you understand your financial capacity.

4. Perform a feasibility study

To make sure that your project will be worth all the money and time you’re spending, set aside some time to understand how achievable everything is. This is essential if you want to ensure that your project has a high chance of success. At the end of the study, you can determine whether it’s worthwhile to build your duplex.

5. Invest in quality

If you want a good rental return you’ll need to invest in a nice rental property. Buyers and renters are much trendier and tasteful today when it comes to their properties so it’s important to follow what’s hot. Duplex architecture is becoming more and more sophisticated and modern, so it’ll benefit you greatly to take some time to research current duplexes before designing yours.

Luckily, you have the Sutherland Shire home builder, Ferntree Homes, to guide you through this process. We are the Sutherland Shire home builders you can trust with your next duplex project, making the process for you more enjoyable and error-free.

Brand Point of Difference

What makes the Sutherland Shire home builders at Ferntree Homes so special is our commitment to producing one of a kind homes reflected in our motto “your custom build specialist”. As a custom builder, we provide you with the choice to create a unique design suited to your style, budget and block of land. We work with a suite of top designers and specialist builders to turn your vision into a reality, while also simplifying the process and keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Get in touch with Ferntree Homes today, because we’re here for all Sutherland Shire families awaiting a company to confidently and securely build their new dream home. Our number one aim is to provide you with quality and uniquely built homes, reflecting our motto “Your Custom Build Specialist”. As a custom builder, we give you the choice to create an individual design suited to your style, budget and block of the land to improve the quality of you and your family’s life. If you’d like to know more about us and our services, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out this contact form to start your home journey now!

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