A collection of testimonials from Ferntree Homes clients.

Take a look and have a read of what our community experience is.

Dino Rakis, Sydney NSW

Our first build, very pleased with the result

“We are very happy with our build (duplex) the only negative is that there were times where there was a delay and slow procedure during the build. We heard a lot of nightmare stories from other people at the time in general regarding their builds and experiences with other companies and we were worried we may experience the same road.

However, we had a pleasant experience, the owner of the company was always contactable and very approachable. I also must add that pricing was very fair and reasonable regarding additional items. We haven’t experienced any problems with the workmanship thus far and we are confident we won’t.

One highlight that was very surprising and very satisfying is that when we were quoted by others Ferntree was better value for money considering that the other builders that quoted us were going to build with 70mm studs but Ferntree used 90mm studs, speaking to a private builder he advised that alone is a significant advantage to the build.

Overall we were very happy and we would recommend Ferntree and if we were to build again id definitely give Ferntree an opportunity and the last roll of the dice considering we have dealt with them and are very pleased. We built a duplex in the Sutherland Shire.”


Fantastic Job

“I built my home with Ferntree Homes and was very happy with the end result. Our block was a difficult shape but with you wouldn’t have known it by the end. The house is a great design and was built to a high standard as far as I was concerned. Their staff are really nice and they always try to give you what you want. I have referred other people to Ferntree and would build with them again.”

Roy and tammy, SYDNEY NSW

Very happy with work

“I’m happy with the end result despite a few minor hiccups. The finished product was amazing. We built a duplex and understand that we had to wait a few months longer to be completed. The end product has proved to be of high quality. The director, staff and tradies were always helpful. I would recommend Ferntree to any prospective client.”


Extremely happy and going to build again

“I thought it is about time to write a review about our last home. Time flies and I meant to get around to posting something sooner. We have since sold the home Ferntree Homes built for us and will be looking to build with them again.

Prior to starting our last home we had already built two new homes with other builders. One was a large project builder and and the other was another Custom Home Builder. As we had built before my husband and I both knew exactly what we wanted this time. We needed a Custom Builder to get the detail we wanted, yet had to be mindful of our budget.

Our home was Custom Designed and it had a fair amount of detail both with internal finishes and facade. One of the things that attracted us to Ferntree was that they were keen to be involved, were prepared to listen to what we wanted, had shown us Custom Built Homes they built before, and most importantly they came in on budget for us. (As an aside, we had them quote our new home plans against our previous builder; we were also happy with their build quality previously and at the start were most likely going to build with them again.)

It worked out Ferntree Homes were quite a bit more competitive than our previous Custom Builder and after many discussions we decided to give them a go. At the start I have to say we were nervous because we had such a good build previously and wanted the same again. It was a decision we were pleased with in the end as we created a really lovely home. It wasn’t easy and did take a lot of effort but was worth it in the end.

There were normal issues like it took bit longer to complete the brickwork stage which was mainly due to there being a fair bit of rain at that time. Once the roof was on it progressed well, and they allowed our Landscapers to work in with them at the end.

It was easy to talk to the supervisor and John, the owner. We did request quite a few site meetings and these were no problem at all. They never made us feel like a nuisance and we were keen to make sure we got the details spot on. There was one construction issue with our large corner stacking doors and Brad the Framing Carpenter and supervisor for our home was particularly good and managed to work with their window supplier and had it fixed up for us. The other issues were mainly minor (marks on a wall, faulty window lock etc. etc.). Once they were all fixed up prior to moving in we were really happy. We ended up with a really nice home, good quality and we got the detail we wanted. We did spend a little more than the original quote along the way, mainly with upgrading some of our finishes. We did plan for this and were happy to spend the money.

Since we have sold we now realise even more how nice the home was and are looking forward to building our next home with Ferntree.”


Very Happy

“We recently built our first home with Ferntree Homes and loved the finished product we were given. Whilst our home was not that large, we found the inclusions and overall quality much better than the standard finishes you get with the larger builders and the communication from their office was very good.
The supervisor was friendly and helpful and willing to explain anything we didn’t understand. Everyone we communicated with during the process were a pleasure to deal with. Our block was a fairly flat and design was simple so they said it was a very project for them but at the end it looked like a designer home to us. I have read some of the other negative reviews which I find surprising and can only say good things about Ferntree homes and would have no problem in recommending them to anyone.”


A fantastic home, very happy clients

“We had Ferntree Homes build our first home and completed it a couple of years ago. Although we recently sold it to move closer to the city (for work purposes) we were extremely happy with the service we received and the quality of the build. The staff at Ferntree Homes were friendly and helpful. They kept us up to date and since we worked in the city and had little time to call in, we appreciated that they took care of most things for us, making the building process efficient and stress-free. There were no major issues and the minor hitches that we had (which were mostly due to the design specifications of the development we were building in) were quickly fixed at the end of the build. The house was straightforward to build and we didn’t make any major changes so the project went quite smoothly. Even though we have now moved, we would have no hesitation in getting Ferntree homes to build our next home when the day comes.”

Anne K, Sydney NSW

Love our new home, very happy clients!

“We built our dream home with Ferntree Homes and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. Our home is a modern double storey custom designed home located in Sydney’s lower North Shore. It is exactly as we designed it combined with suggestions made by Ferntree Homes. Our block wasn’t the easiest to work with – it is a relatively narrow block with a slope, but you wouldn’t know it when you took a step inside. We were drawn to Ferntree Homes because of their expertise with difficult blocks. Their experience and creativity in this regard was invaluable.

By no means was it a smooth and seamless journey, however it would be highly unrealistic to expect this from any builder. There were many delays such as access to tradesmen, suppliers, adverse weather, Christmas break etc. Unfortunately, this is characteristic of most building companies. It is well known that there is a widespread shortage of tradesmen and they are in a position to “cherry pick” which jobs they want. Nevertheless we were very impressed with the quality of workmanship of Ferntree’s tradespeople. If we didn’t like something that was done (this did happen a couple of times on a very minor scale) we would just let them know and it was re-done. There was constant communication between us and we were always forewarned about delays or issues that arose. They sent us regular emails and text messages keeping us updated. This is one of the things that stood out about Ferntree Homes.

What we found set Ferntree Homes apart from your mass production project homebuilders is their attention to detail and quality. For example, the inclusions and materials used consisted of well-regarded high quality brands. They also do not adopt a “cookie cutter” approach to building and they were quite flexible with many aspects of the build. For example, during the build we decided to add a wall in our alfresco area for our external kitchen and it was done. We found John (the Director of Ferntree Homes) to be a man of integrity and very easy to deal with. He worked around our schedule and met with us on Saturdays.

We definitely plan to build with John and his amazing team again in the future.”


Genuine staff! Excellent process

“Upon meeting the builder and being satisfied we started building in October 2013. Process was clear and all questions were answered which ticked all Our boxes! Very custom design type of builders and the quality of the products used from gyprock brand to door, window company is of excellent standard! All communication was negotiated/ answered on the phone, but everything tracked and always backed up by emails.

Met designer for product selections, colour selections and she also digitally designed different house facade/colour options for us to choose from, which was so professional and so convenient to help make final decisions. Throughout the building we were always phoned or emailed if any changes or delays were expected and we thought this was genuine professional communication. The labourers all had sound knowledge of their area of expertise which was excellent! Have to say that we were very pleased with the team at Ferntree homes and the high quality of workmanship and products used. Will definitely build and use Ferntree again.”


Ready to enjoy

“We are very happy with our new house on the Central Coast. We designed it ourselves to meet our family’s specific requirements. Other builders, we spoke with wouldn’t build what we wanted. While it took a long time to achieve DA and start work, the process wasn’t helped by the introduction of strict new bushfire regulations which suppliers, sub-contractors and the builder had to understand and comply with. There were weeks when there was no activity on site. Some of the special materials used to meet bushfire regulations had to come from Melbourne and overseas. Also, our location involved a lot of travel for the Sydney-based tradesmen.

That said, the quality of work from all trades was excellent and the tradesmen were all very helpful and co-operative in dealing with changes to plan. A new supervisor took over well into the project and he made a big difference.

We are very pleased with and proud of our beautiful new house and thank Ferntree who were all good to deal with.”